Saturday, May 20, 2017

AWR via Tashkent (15430kHz)

Adventist World Radio (AWR) now uses two new transmitter sites in A17 season, i.e. Dushanbe and Tashkent.  Dushanbe relay is used for Dzongkha (language in Bhutan) service on 15430kHz at 1300-1330UTC.  I submitted reception report to AWR office in Thailand, and received f/d cd.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dardasha 7 via Kostinbrod, BUL (9400kHz)

Dardasha 7 is the Arabic program of Bible Voice Broadcasting, and can be heard on 9400kHz at 2030-2045UTC.  I emailed the reception report, and received very simple reply - "Thank you for your reception report. It is accurate."

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Loggings on 05/13. 14

(All times in UTC, u.o.s., month/day format)

 9390kHz R Thailand: 1405 EE w/ nx. Fair on 05/13
 9400kHz The Mighty KBC via Kostinbrod, BUL: *1500 EE w/ mx, ID. Fair on 05/13.
 9400kHz Dardasha 7 via Kostinbrod, BUL: *2030 AA w/ ID, rel tlk. Fair on 05/14.
11560kHz AIR: 1340 Dari w/ subcont mx, ID. Fair on 05/13.
11870kHz KNLS: 0825 EE w/ DX Tips for beginners, mx. Good on 05/14

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Loggings on 05/06

(All times in UTC, u.o.s., month/day format)

 5810kHz WEWN: 0935 SS w/ rel tlk. Poor
 5850kHz TOM via WRMI: 0830 EE w/ rel tlk. Fair //-7570kHz (Good)
 9390kHz R Thailand: 1232 EE w/ nx. Poor
13800kHz Golos And (HCJB) via Moosbruun, AUT: *1530 RR w/ ID, rel tlk. Fair
15290kHz NHK via Issodoun, F: 0940 JJ w/ tlk. Poor
17710kHz DW via Meyerton, AFS: *0959 Swahili w/ IS, opening anmt. Weak.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Radio Free Asia - Saipan (13685kHz)

Radio Free Asia (RFA) issued special QSL celebrating 30th annual winter SWL Fest for reception of RFA at March 3-9.  I heard Laotian service on 13685kHz that was radiated from Saipan on March 5, and special QSL card arrived today.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

R Nikkei Nemuro (3925kHz)

Radio Nikkei on 3925kHz is transmitted from both Nagara, Chiba and Nemuro.  From April 12 to May 2, the transmitter of 3925kHz at Nagara has been off the air due to transmitter maintenance.  Thus, R Nikkei on 3925kHz is now only transmitted from Nemuro.  I heard R Nikkei on 3925kHz on April 12, and submitted the reception report.  Today I received their QSL - unfortunately they did not mention the transmitter site.

Monday, April 10, 2017

R Japan via SMG (9485kHz)

When I visited Egypt, I heard English service of Radio Japan on 9485kHz relayed from Santa Maria di Garelia (SMG). Today, I received f/d QSL from R Japan with A17 schedule.