Friday, April 13, 2018

Loggings on 04/09-13

(All times in UTC, u.o.s., month/day format)

13590kHz Deewa Radio via KWT: 1310 Pashto w/ nx //12035kHz. Good on 04/11.
13630kHz RFA via UAE: 1302 Burmese w/ interview. Good on 04/12.
13665kHz CRI via ALB: 1220 EE w/ tlk. Poor on 04/11.
13740kHz RFA via MRA: 2305 Cambodian w/ editorial. Good on 04/10
13740kHz IRIB: 0925 Dari w/ radio drama (?). Fair on 04/13.
13840kHz NHK World via MDG: *0530 FF w/ opening anmt. Poor on 04/09.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Monday, April 9, 2018

Radio Free Asia via Jeju (1566kHz)

Korean program of Radio Free Asia (RFA) is also relayed by FEBC Radio Seoul (1188kHz, HLKX at 1500-1900UTC) and Jeju (1566kHz HLAZ at 1000-1100UTC).   I monitored 1566kHz at 1000UTC and found that RFA can be heard under strong Chinese station (Yanbian PBS).

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Loggings on 04/08

(All times in UTC, u.o.s., month/day format)

13660kHz BBC via SLA: 0915 Dari w/ radio drama (?) //15310. Fair.
13730kHz RNZI: 2225 EE w/ tlk. Fair
13775kHz R Saudi: 1240 Urdu w/ tlk. Fair
13785kHz IRIB: 1235 AA w/ tlk. Poor audio.
15145kHz: AWR via MOS: 0825 FF w/tlk, mx to 0830* Fair.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Loggings on 04/02-07

(All times in UTC, u.o.s., month/day format)

 3325kHz RRI Palangka Raya: 1220 Indon w/ tlk, Indon pops. Weak on 04/06.
11825kHz AWR via Dushanbe: 1335 Thai w/ rel tlk. Poor on 04/05
11940kHz: R Romania Int'l: 1320 Russian w/ tlk. Fair on 04/03
13635kHz VoTurkey: 1205 Turkish w/ tlk. Poor on 04/02
13710kHz Missionswerk Friedensstimme: *1200-1230* Russian w/ rel prgr. Good on 04/07
13740kHz IRIB: 1145 Dari w/ tlk to 1150*. Weak on 04/07
17705kHz AIR: 1143 Chinese with opening mx. QRM/CNR. 04/04

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Loggings on 04/01

(All times in UTC, u.o.s., month/day format)

13645kHz AIR: 1140 Thai w/ tlk, Thai mx to 1200*. Good
13695kHz RFI: 0820 FF w/ OM tlk. Weak
13695kHz AIR: 1135 Tamil w/ lcl mx. Good
13750kHz R Romania Int'l: 1140 EE w/ listeners' letter box. Fair
15260kHz R Sama: 0825 AA w/ rel tlk, closing anmt at 0829* Good

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

IBC via Gavar, Armenia (5845kHz)

Italian Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) conducted the special transmission on December 20 at 1900-2100UTC on 5845kHz.  Here in Osaka, their program could be heard with relatively good reception condition around 2000.  I e-mailed reception report with audio clip, and they confirmed with f/d eQSL.